Stillleben mit Flasche by Herbert Ploberger - Unframed

Stillleben mit Flasche by Herbert Ploberger - Unframed

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Stillleben mit Flasche by Herbert Ploberger
Stillleben mit Flasche ,(1928), by Austrian artist, Herbert Ploberger (1902-1977). The poster is published in 2022 in connection with Louisiana's exhibition about Germany in the 1920s, The Cold Eye. Ploberger was part of the significant artistic movement in Germany after the First World War: Neue Sachlichkeit - the new matter-of-factness, or the new objectivity.

In a society characterized by great upheavals and opposing forces, the Neue Sachlichkeit artists seek to capture modern everyday life and to portray the lives and actions of ordinary people in a realistic and sober way – cleansed of all sensitivity and often in a deliberately twisted or foreshadowed form .

Several Neue Sachlichkeit artists are particularly interested in still life. Inspired by photography's recording reproduction, the painters borrow photography's imagery in a dialogue between the two media and with a will to depict objects without filter, matter-of-factly and objectively. Herbert Ploberger's Stilleben mit Flasche is a good example.

59.4 cm x 67 cm