Pause by Bridget Riley - Unframed

Pause by Bridget Riley - Unframed

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Pause by Bridget Riley
Pause, (1964), by English artist, Bridget Riley (b. 1931) from Louisiana's 2016 exhibition, Eye Attack - Op Art and Kinetic Art 1950-1970. Riley was a central figure in the Op Art movement and thus also at the Louisiana exhibition.

Bridget Riley broke through at the beginning of the 60s with a series of black and white paintings and she set the tone for a large number of artists who followed.

Riley's pictures are incredibly simple. She uses simple means, for example often only black and white. But when her images hit the eyes, things start to happen, because Riley has worked intensely to structure lines and figures so that they have the greatest possible effect on our perception apparatus.

Op Art - Optical art - was an international movement between 1950 and 1970 and existed side by side with the other, experimental art trends of the 60s in particular.

Artists were concerned with formulating expressions that were contemporary. Synchronous with faith in the future and with the technology and science that emerged from the mid-50s and especially in the 60s. Modular buildings, mirrored surfaces, neon advertisements, flashing lights and dynamic urban spaces. The machine aesthetic was explored by the Op Art artists in this pre-digital period.

Op Art addresses our sense of sight in particular. This applies to movements. In the brain via the eyes - that is, as an illusion. Or works of art that move with the help of a motor. Or the viewer's movements. So we are co-producing.

W 59.4 x H 68 cm