Model and oranges by Henri Matisse - Unframed
Model and oranges by Henri Matisse - Unframed

Model and oranges by Henri Matisse - Unframed

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Model and oranges by Henri Matisse 
Model and oranges, (1953), by French artist, Henri Matisse. The poster was originally printed in connection with Louisiana's first exhibition with Matisse, in 1985, and is today part of the museum's special selection of Louisiana poster classics.

The work 'Model and oranges' was created by Henri Matisse a year before his death, and is a lithograph with a few colours, simple lines and a lot of shape. Matisse wanted to simplify the idiom and challenge the color harmonies that were used at the time.

Henri Matisse is famous for his use of both color and form in painting. In 1890 - after a long hospital stay - he really tried his hand at painting and subsequently moved to Paris.

Here impressionism influenced him for a period, but in 1905 he was at the forefront of a number of younger French artists, and developed the art direction Fauvism, which is characterized, among other things, by strong, pure colors.

Although Henri Matisse is best known to many for his paintings, he also worked with sculpture, graphic prints and, in the last four years of his life, with paper cut-outs and collages.

Matisse is one of the most influential artists of the 1900s and is today considered as one of the shapers of modern art.

W 82 x H 124 cm