'Everything I Have' by Simon Evans - Unframed

'Everything I Have' by Simon Evans - Unframed

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'Everything I have' by Simon Evans 
The Louisiana Poster with the work 'Everything I have' by Simon Evans (b. 1972) was printed in conjunction with Louisiana's major international contemporary art exhibition, The World is Yours, in 2009. In the piece Evans maps everything he owns through more than a thousand small illustrations of his possessions. 

The exhibition, The World is Yours, presented works by more than 20 renowned artists from all over the world, many of whom were presented here to a Danish audience for the first time - among them, Simon Evans.

Evans lived out a boyhood dream as a skater in San Francisco, then started writing and broke through as a visual artist in 2003. His works with text-based collages – often composed of short poetic sentences and drawings - capture the beauty of everyday life from his unique point of view with a sometimes ironic distance.

W 92 x H 140.3 cm